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freebies don't have to be so f**king boring...

Freebies can be boring as hell, but I want to make them more fun!!

Clients come to me time and time again panicking about growing their mailing lists, and I always press them to think critically about what can help your brand attract your target audience in an actually interesting way.

What can you offer your audience as a niche newsletter opt-in incentive that no one else in your industry is doing?

Here's what we're doing:

As a creative agency working directly with entrepreneurs, you might think the best freebie we could offer would be business-related. And you're not wrong. But there's SO MUCH MORE to our audience then the fact that they're business owners.

Our audience loves to travel. They indulge in great restaurants, and they appreciate a well-made drink.

So we dropped what's expected of us, and made something that will speak to THEM. We created a *FREE* cocktail cookbook instead of another business checklist.

This aesthetically-pleasing digital download is a beautiful show of our design and photography skills, while making the first impression we strive for-- welcoming new members of our community with a glass of something good.



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