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Brand Identities I’m Loving THIS week!

As an entrepreneur, one of our main goals is to create a brand that truly makes you stand out. For those outside of marketing, brand identity is how all businesses share their values, whatever they may be, and it's highly relevant to anyone with an interest in attracting or retaining customers.

The true value of a brand's identity may be difficult to measure, but a strong brand identity certainly benefits a brand's bottom line. Businesses with a strong brand identity can create excitement around a product launch with far less investment of resources than an unknown brand would need to make to reach the same audience.

Brand identities are so important in fact that businesses spend millions of dollars hiring agencies that can guide them through the design process. After all, humans are highly visual beings, impacted in unforeseen ways by factors like color, saturation, shapes, and fonts.

So as you scroll through these next couple of brands, think about what you find appealing or unappealing, what first comes to mind when you see these brands?

Every business is a brand. And it's so important to spend time and intention thinking about the way your business is presented to the world!

When you can see branding as an opportunity to cultivate a beautiful first impression on behalf of your business,

that's when the magic happens.

The effort we put forth to create our brand with care helps us better impart the vision and mission of our business to our incoming customers and offers the potential for deeper, more lasting connections with our business's community!


I hope you enjoyed this blog post! If you're interested in building a heart-centered brand to represent your business, schedule a free initial consult with me! Or be on the lookout for upcoming courses set to launch Fall 2022!


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