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Hi there! I'm Mallory, but everyone calls me Mal.


Design has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  I like to bring brands to life through custom illustrations, strategic website design, typography, and so much more! 

My business came to life back in 2020, during my evenings and weekends while working on freelanced websites.  I was ready to find new challenges and had always dreamt about having my own design business. So here we are now, almost two years later, and already I spend my days working with incredibly passionate clients from all over the US. 

When I'm not designing, you can find me playing with my dogs, painting commissions for amazing clients, and planning my wedding for this October.  If you're ever in Charleston, check out my oyster paintings featured at a local art gallery, The Art Mecca of Charleston.

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Meet my "coworkers"

Holiday pups-2.png

Often referred to as the Three Musketeers, these three are attached to me at all times. You'll probably even be lucky enough to hear them chatting in the background of our meetings from time to time. But that's okay because they're bodyguards, coworkers, professional nappers, and a personal hype team all in one!

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