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rebranded by MAL

In order to best clarify my services to my potential clients, I recently simplified my site + my services. NEW service packages are available, with personalized quotes depending on what YOU need. 

design studio by mal-2.png
design studio by mal-2.png


REVAMPING the OrganicBlondie website


As one of my website management clients, we updated layout + photos on the homepage in order to create a cohesive brand vision.

We switched things up a bit for this one. A collage-styled design layout that allowed creative freedom, was a fun + refreshing project!

Untitled design-16.png

A custom logo for a pilot / real estate agent in Charlotte, NC

Untitled design-17.png

Another custom logo for an interior design studio in Charleston, SC named Casper Design LLC. Designed after a sweetgrass basket + a woven in letter C, this logo encaptures the essence of it's native city.

new LOGO for Casper Design

new logo design

Untitled design-18.png

new online community portal for GUNNARMADE

A fully customized online member portal for fitness clients to train using workouts created by Gunnar and Q at GunnarMade, local fitness instructors/personal trainers. This portal features several workout programs, as well as access to a macros + tdee calculators, accountability questionnaires and more!