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The true power of design

Have you ever looked at a website or logo design and instantly felt intrigued to know more about the brand behind it?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, have you ever seen a website or logo and immediately felt distrust in the legitimacy of that business?

When we do this, when we make split-second judgments about a brand based on a website or logo we come into contact with, we're simply using whatever unspoken visual cues (fonts, colors, layouts) are available to us to form first impressions about that business. From there, we either inquire further or walk away.

All website and logo designs have the power to attract a customer or repel a customer based on the way it represents the brand behind it. This is why it's important to approach a website or logo design with some intention and consideration before you hit the drawing board-- so that you can use the design elements available to you in thoughtful ways.

Check out my free Brand Strategy Workbook which will help you create a purposeful brand that tells your story and connects with your ideal clients. If you want the more in-depth version that helps you with everything from a solid business foundation to the color palette in your brand style, The Brand Strategy Workbook is for YOU!

Before designing your website or logo, it's always important to know more about the business. This stage is wonderful because it helps lay a foundation of understanding in everyone's mind about the company's history and vision, which then offers focus and direction when in the middle of making aesthetic choices around things like fonts, colors, graphics, etc.

After all, you can't design with focus if you don't have a clear picture of the business. And you're much more likely to avoid being overwhelmed while designing if you're following a pre-determined set of ideas and clear inspiration.



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